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Upon opening a page of our website, you received a message indicating the use of cookies on our site. Cookies are files installed on your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to collect information about your browsing. Below is an explanation of cookies and how to configure them based on your preferences.


What are cookies?


Cookies are files that contain information about your browsing. They are stored on your hard drive by your Internet browser (like your browser history, for example) when you visit a site. This small file allows the server hosting the website to identify and recognize you throughout the lifespan of the cookie.


Why use cookies?


There are three types of cookies we may use.

Most technical cookies (like session cookies) are indispensable for proper website operation. Deleting them may cause browsing problems.


1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are indispensable for proper website operation. They allow you to access protected areas (e.g., areas reserved for professionals) using personal identifiers (session login and password).
They generally have a very short lifespan.


2. Web analytics cookies


These cookies collect your connection information so site owners can keep track of the number of visits to their site, the average visit length, the most visited pages, the type of browser used, etc.

Google Analytics generates a cookie with a unique identifier that collects your IP address to identify the city you are connecting from, but without ever identifying what computer you are using or who you actually are.

3. Sharing cookies (social media)


Our site contains share links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others, which allow you to share content from our site with others. When you use these share buttons, a third-party cookie is installed once your consent is given. If you are connected to a social network while you browse our site, the share buttons make it possible to link the content consulted to your user account.


How to manage cookies

There are multiple options for managing cookies. Any changes you make to your configuration may modify your Internet browsing and the conditions for accessing certain services that require the use of cookies.
You can change your cookie settings at any time by taking the steps below.




1. Configuring your browser

Each browser can be configured to allow or block cookies on your terminal:




2. Opting out


You can also use the links below to configure your preferences directly on platforms that use cookies. Please note that when a cookie is blocked, a cookie designed solely to deactivate the services associated with the blocked cookie will be installed on your terminal. So if you delete all the cookies stored on your terminal via your browser, we will no longer be able to see that you have selected this option.


 To opt out of sharing cookies (social media)


How to manage cookies:

For more information about cookies, you can consult the CNIL website (in French[M1] ) at the following address: