Confidentiality & Privacy Notice

Von Rohr & Associates SA takes your privacy seriously. Taking privacy seriously requires us to continuously ensure our compliance with applicable Data Protection laws.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates a unique framework related to Data Protection rules across the EU that enters into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR does not only apply to companies based in the EU, but to any company that provides or offers its goods or services to people in the EU. Such is the case of Von Rohr & Associates SA.


While many of the principles of the GDPR build on current Data Protection rules in the EU, the GDPR has a wider scope, more prescriptive standards and substantial fines for compliance violations. For example, it requires companies to obtain a higher standard of consent from customers, where relevant, and broadens individuals' rights with respect to accessing and porting their data.


In order to ensure compliance within an acceptable timeframe and to face its accountability as Data Controller, Von Rohr & Associates SA has reviewed its Privacy practices and framework, focusing on transparency and security as key principles.


To that effect, Von Rohr Privacy Policy will remain the single consolidated place that maps out the ways in which we use data and process people's personal information, but we shall provide further transparency and consent requirements to gather your data and explain the reasons for our collecting and processing along your interactions with us.


For further details, please contact us via or call us on +41 22 901 33 40.