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After several years in recruitment and outplacement, Eva von Rohr is convinced that an alternative to the existing business model, enforced by the market leaders at the time, should be crafted to go beyond a process-driven approach. By launching Von Rohr & Associates in 1993, she consequently proposes a different approach to outplacement.

An exclusive method has inspired a new dimension in transition management. Through her creations symbolizing the Moebius strip seen in our logo, Eva transposes the theme of “continuity through transformation” to Von Rohr & Associates’ Career Life-Cycle Management® concept.

During 2020, Eva passes on her ownership to a local Swiss group that she has worked closely with for many years – Dryden. The Dryden Group specializes in fiduciary service and this strategic move allows Von Rohr to expand their outplacement services to integrate tax and financial planning in their programs.


Integrity & Respect

Much more than a service, a reference… Managing the human impact of change is a daily challenge. A process-oriented response has often become the main solution regardless of the most essential and intrinsic dimensions of the individual. And yet, the latter are critical for an individual’s self-fulfilment and to prosper in the professional ecosystem. As an independent pioneer of outplacement in Western Switzerland, Von Rohr & Associates quickly established itself as the absolute reference in its field, thanks to an individualized empowering approach, based on a holistic support, which has become a significant distinctive feature of the brand. A unique difference which has contributed to establish a strong reputation among peers, and beyond, since the business was launched in 1993.


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Local & International

Thanks to an active partnership with Grass & Partner in Switzerland, and the Arbora Group internationally, Von Rohr & Associates’ clients and candidates in transition can benefit from career services locally and globally.

Thanks to an active partnership with Grass & Partner, Von Rohr & Associates’ clients in transition can benefit from career services in 9 cities across Switzerland.

To promote international mobility and the exchange of best practices, Von Rohr & Associates leverages its global presence via Arbora Global Career Partners – as a founding member in 2000. Present in some 25 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific, Arbora brings together the local expertise of leading outplacement firms in their respective countries. The network is distinguished by its ability to bring together what makes for local market knowledge and integrates the specific needs of each market, each sector and each individual. Services are designed in a highly modular and customized manner, with our client being our focal point.