Career Development


Why contemplate a qualitative 360° feedback or a Talent Assessment Center? Surely, one of your key organizational priorities is to foster and reinforce leadership practices, enabling success in achieving strategic objectives. While a qualitative or quantitative 360° feedback process may be part of your corporate best practices, it can also prove instrumental in revealing specific leadership challenges and development areas. Expected outcomes:


Why propose impact coaching?

Specialized tools

Although we are proud of our strength and depth of senior consultants, that is only part of the overall service we provide during our programs.

Our blended Forums on specific topics (Impactful CV, Targeting your market, Mastering LinkedIn, The Pitch, Networking: make it more impactful, Preparing your interview, Interviews: questions & expectations...) offer a unique opportunity to network and share your experience and goals with your peers and to exchange with experts in their fields.

Our range of assessment, developmental and learning tools, some of which are unique to Von Rohr, provide an accurate profile of your needs, skills, weaknesses and drivers to allow you to align your goals with accurate and scientifically tested instruments.