Eva von Rohr’s principle in founding Von Rohr & Associates individuals to own their career, to enable them to identify and leverage their resources and talents, and align them to a competitive and constantly evolving market. Thereby effectively redirecting or repositioning their career within or beyond the organization, maintaining an eye on their employability, which is forged daily in the face of career challenges.


An exclusive method inspires a new dimension in transition management. Through her creations symbolizing the Moebius strip seen in our logo, Eva transposes the theme of “continuity through transformation” to Von Rohr & Associates’ Career Life-Cycle Management® concept.


During 2020, Eva passes on her ownership to a local Swiss group that she has worked closely with for many years – Dryden. This strategic move allows Von Rohr & Associates to expand their outplacement services to integrate entrepreneurial reflection and set up in their programs.


A key actor in Outplacement and career management, Von Rohr & Associates has:


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