Program Essentials

The most digital of our programs, the Essentials program provides a customized path for individuals to seek out their future career options and provides them with the tools to target the new role that fits them best.

Program Professional

Our professional program provides a wider range of career options outside the range of existing roles. This program requires a higher level of personal coaching with the added value this brings.

Program Premium

Today, executives operate in an environment characterized by an accelerated pace of change cycles. In this context, the need for leaders and senior managers to reposition themselves on the market has become a norm.

Your outstanding career track record implies specific needs when faced with this pivotal moment in your career. Precisely because your expectations reflect a personalized journey, Von Rohr & Associates has designed a tailored and highly personalized coaching program: a reflective process enabling you to explore and assess your options going forward, or even to deploy a new career strategy in line with your talents and your life projects.

Your career transition service will be designed to meet your specific demands and challenges. You can rely on a dynamic, high-level commitment to enable you to orchestrate, shape and transform your professional assets into a sustainable future, in line with your aspirations and market realities.

Program Special

Special programs. Designed for individuals who are looking to become entrepreneurs, or working or planning to work on corporate or foundation boards, or planning for pre-retirement. 

Entrepreneurial program. With the rapidly increasing move to entrepreneurial activities and portfolio careers, we have developed individual programs to guide you through the jungle of entrepreneurship. Work with Von Rohr staff who have successfully started their own businesses and who can show you the opportunities – and pitfalls – on the way.

Board program. This is a program to provide the skills to take on a board role in either a corporate environment or in the philanthropic area as member of a Foundation board.

Pre-retirement program. Planning the future involves planning the transition to the future. Our program integrates financial and tax planning techniques to provide a path for you using our in-house fiduciary company. A unique service in the outplacement sector!